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How this restaurant/bar owner got a month free rent at one location...

This is a great email I received from Nick Fosberg and I thought it was great to share with business owners, not just restaurants, and reason why is the result of his action by simply asking.

Start of the letter

The government shutting us down and only allowing us to do curbside and delivery, then expecting us to pay rents / mortgages is BULLSHIT!

Them asking us to take out a loan and pay interest is bullshit!

Here's how I got my $9,998.56
a month rent paid for....
I reached out to my landlord and told him I couldn't pay / afford rent this month with being told I can only do curbside and delivery.

He came back with loan program through SBA etc.

I explained that it's BS that we have to take loans and pay interest for rent and being told we can't be open. I told him not his fault or issue, but BS on the government.

I explained to him how other owners I know, their landlords backdated rents or took at least a few weeks off.

I explained that the SBA loan site keeps crashing. Impossible to even get the loan.

Long story short, I've been really nice about the situation and just explained that the government is really screwing things over for us, it's not fair, and just asked if landlord can do anything to help.

Here's a reply I got back today after about a week of back and forth emails.

See here -

I didn't expect this, but if you don't ask, you don't get.

At the least, explain your situation, the actions you've been taking and how this loan program is a joke as we shouldn't have to take loans to pay rent, etc, etc.

You might get what you ask for.

Stay strong. We will get through this together. Once the economy is back in action, it's going to explode!


Nick Fosberg

You can learn more about Nick and how he works with other restaurants and bar owner at

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