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What Are the Best Online Review Sites For Businesses In Solano County?

The best site for you may depend on the type of business you own. These sites are important for just about every small business owner: Google Facebook Bing Places Yellow Pages Better Business Bureau Trustpilot Manta If you run a service-based business, these sites are important to know about: Angie’s List (contractors) HomeAdvisor (contractors) Kudzu (contractors) Yelp (restaurants and retail) OpenTable (restaurants) TripAdvisor (travel and hospitality) Healthgrades (medical) RateMDs (medical) Avvo (lawyers)

Can I Ask Customers to Leave Online Reviews?

Yes! In fact, you should make a habit of asking customers for reviews. It’s one of the best ways to get more of them. (The exception is Yelp) “I recommend a review strategy to almost every single client,” “It is important to continually ask for feedback in more ways than one.” Here are some pointers to help you craft a review strategy: Where do you want reviews? Google? Facebook? Yelp? Provide directions when offering customers a link where they can post a review. When will the suggestion for a review happen? Is it before they convert or after? How will you help your customers understand the benefit to leaving you a review? Make sure you communicate that to them. Who will respond? Have a response strategy, and not just a canned response. Customers want to engage with real people.

3 Ways Online Reviews Benefit Your Local Business

Think that customer comments don’t really matter? Here’s why online reviews need to be a key part of your digital marketing strategy. You probably heard talks about online reputation, but have you ever wondered why it matters for your business? If you do most of your transactions in person, do you really need to worry about what people are saying about you online? Without a doubt. When making purchase decisions, customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.  That's why it's important for your business to promote positive reviews and respond directly to negative feedback. Here are three reasons why your online reputation matters:

How chamber participation can help small businesses in Solano County?

  Joining a chamber is an important step for your business in Solano County, but it’s only the first step.  To fully realize the benefits, it’s important to identify and take advantage of everything your chamber offers and become personally involved... this lets your chamber know what’s important to you, and helps you shape where you live and work.  As you’re thinking about your business plans for the upcoming months, consider joining your local chamber as a part of your marketing and business strategy goals.

How Do I List My Business On Google, Facebook, and Yelp, And Why Should I do It?

Want to get your business found by local customers in Solano County?  Online directories can be an easy way to get your business in front of as many potential customers as possible in your local area, and here is how you can get started... Google Reviews for Small Business Before you start asking customers to leave a review of your business on Google, be sure to claim your Google My Business profile. When you claim your business on Google, you can receive notifications when a customer leaves a review, and respond to each review individually. These reviews and the accompanying star rating will show up when customers see your business on search results pages and Google Maps. Facebook Reviews for Small Business Facebook’s ratings and reviews feature is automatically enabled when your page is categorized as a local business with a physical address. You do have the option to disable reviews on your Facebook Business Page, but then you won’t receive the benefit of pos

Do Online Reviews Affect How My Business Ranks On Search Results?

As a business owner you might’ve heard about the term “reputation management”. Basically, reputation management refers to methods of influencing and controlling an individual’s or business’s reputation, an increasingly important factor when it comes to ranking high in online search results - Google and other search engines love a good reputation. Most consumers nowadays research online and read customer reviews of products or services before committing to buy. The impact of reviews on ranking is highly debated among search experts Businesses with many online reviews and photos tend to show up more prominently in local search results. Whether the number of reviews is what causes a business to rank or if it is simply a result of the business being so visible remains unclear. However, having reviews does increase clicks and interactions with your business from search results, and that increase in interaction does have a positive effect on your website’s search engine optimiza

How this local business in Solano County increased Facebook messenger subscribers?

If your business uses email marketing or some other methods to stay in contact with your customers, leads, prospects, etc... this video will provide you ideas on how to grow your leads, subscribers, mainly for Facebook messenger. How this local business in Solano County increased Facebook messenger subscribers for under $1 per subscriber?

What are online reviews and why online reputation is so important for my business?

Small business owners in Solano County can’t afford to ignore online reviews. Understanding the importance of online reputation, you can turn customer reviews into a powerful marketing tool. Of all the components of digital marketing, online reviews cause the most confusion and frustration among small business owners. How are you supposed to know where customers are leaving reviews? Should you respond to them? How important are reviews to your business’ reputation? These are all important questions to answer. Although it takes some time and effort to create a strategy for handling online reviews, if you’re proactive you can turn reviews from a hassle into a powerful tool for building trust, winning new customers and improving your search engine ranking.